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Our Advisory Board

A critical part of the the Center for Entrepreneurship, the Advisory Board consists of members from key constituencies of the national entrepreneurial community.

The objectives of the board are:

  • To provide guidance and oversight to all CFE activities
  • To support CFE leaders through advice, and strategic and tactical input
  • To provide enabling connections for the CFE
  • To support fundraising efforts for CFE activities

Meet the board:

Advisory Board

Senior Vice President, Talent Enhancement, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Board Member, Merck; Board Member, Morgan Stanley; Former Chairman, Chrysler Group LLC
Director, NXThera, Sonitus, Cerêve and NeuMoDx; Board Observer, Uptake Medical; Founder, Arboretum
University of Michigan Adjunct Professor; McKinsey & Company Consultant, retired
Founding Member and Patent Attorney, Schox Patent Group; Consulting Professor, Stanford Law School
Dean, University of Michigan Medical School
Chairman and Principal Owner, Super Radiator Coils; Chairman and Principal Owner, Mead Metal Products
Founder & Managing Director, Vora Ventures
Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Adaptive Materials, Inc.
President & CEO, uRefer
Special Limited Partner, Transmedia Capital LLC
Founder, ArtPrize; Founder and CEO, Start Garden
Managing Partner, Point Cypress Partners; Chairman, Sawgrass Technologies
Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan College of Engineering & Medical School; Res Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan Institute of Gerontology

Emeritus Board

Faculty Affiliate, Emeritus Board

Managing Director, RPM Ventures; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Center for Entrepreneurship

Faculty Affiliate, Advisory Board

Founding Partner, Procyon Advisors; Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurial Programs, College of Engineering