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Program in Entrepreneurship

For information on the new Minor in Entrepreneurship please visit Innovate Blue.

The first step to declare the Program in Entrepreneurship is to click the "I Declare" button and fill out the online application form. There is no fee associated with the PIE.  After your form has been processed you will recieve information regarding scheduling an advising appointment. The final step of the declaration process is to meet with an academic advisor to discuss how PIE fits into your overall academic plan.

We will continue to delcare students into the old Program in Entrepreneurship throughout the summer. Students will no longer be able to declare the Program in Entrepreneurship once the fall term begins.

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The Program in Entrepreneurship (PIE) is a nine-credit certificate program that provides students the skills, mindset, and experience necessary to transform a disruptive, scalable idea into a high-impact venture. The program is designed for students who want to start a company, join a small company upon graduation, innovate within a large organization, or simply learn about entrepreneurship because of its increasing importance in the economy.


Undergraduate and graduate students from all U-M schools and departments are eligible to enroll in the PIE. To declare, students must have sophomore standing or higher, have declared their major concentration, and be in good academic standing (minimum GPA of 2.0 for undergraduate students/5.0 for graduate students). 

All students that satisfy the PIE requirements will earn a certificate of completion from the CFE upon receipt of their degree. Undergraduate and graduate students from the College of Engineering, students from the School of Kinesiology, students from Art and Design, and students from LS&A will have the PIE documented on their official transcript.

Program Requirements

To complete the PIE, students must take one entrepreneurship course from each of four categories and earn a minimum total of nine credit hours. All courses must be taken for a grade, unless the course is only offered Pass/Fail (e.g. ENTR 407 Entrepreneurship Hour). If a student takes two core courses, one may count as an elective course. In most cases, it is possible to double-count one course between a concentration plan and the Program in Entrepreneurship. However, it is the student’s responsibility to check with his academic advisor regarding the rules for double-counting.

The four categories of entrepreneurship courses are: 

  1. Required - ENTR 407 Entrepreneurship Hour (1 credit) 
  2. Core Course in Entrepreneurship (min 3 credits) - Core courses in entrepreneurship offer a broad introduction to entrepreneurship, and show students how innovative ideas are turned into viable businesses. Core classes are typically project-based, and designed to guide students through the entrepreneurial process.
  3. Elective Course in Entrepreneurship (min 1 credit) - Elective courses focus on entrepreneurship, or relevant topics, such as business law, business skills, and general industry trends. Although the central theme of these courses is entrepreneurship, broader latitude is given to subject matter.
  4. Entrepreneurial Practicum (3 credits) – ENTR 411
  5. Review the complete list of courses approved for the Program in Entrepreneurship, organized by category, for course options and descriptions.


For more information on the Program in Entrepreneurship, schedule an appointment with a Center for Entrepreneurship advisor. 

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